Flurry Profile

Flurry Cotton is a premium 100% cotton paper made for use with letterpress printing, foil stamping, and digital printing. Flurry Cotton features:

  • Three colors: Bright White, White, and Soft White
  • Three weights: 80# Text, 118# Cover, and 236# Cover
  • Thirteen envelope sizes with two envelope flap styles

All papers are available as packages of cut cards, cartons of 12x18 sheets, or pallets of parent sheets. All products ship from Syracuse, New York and are available exclusively at Boxcar Press.

Flurry Cotton Bright White

Flurry Cotton White

Flurry Cotton Soft White


Boxcar Press
509 W. Fayette St. #135
Syracuse, NY 13204


You can download a Stock List to see what sizes are we stock. Please feel free to email any custom sizes you might need--we're more than happy to assist. All stock sizes are available for sale exclusively at Boxcar Press. All papers and envelopes are available in Bright White, White, and Soft White.


Cartons of 12 x 18 inch sheets or Pallets of parent sizes

Sheets of all weights and colors of Flurry Cotton are available. Cover weights are primed for HP Indigo digital presses. Text weight is made to accept xerographic toner. You can purchase these as individual cartons of 12 x 18 inch sheets, or, for larger quantities, pallets of parent sizes. Parent sizes are 28 x 36 inch for text; 36 x 24 inch and 36 x 40 inch for 118# Cover; and 36 x 24 inch for 236# Cover.

Cut Cards

Packages of flat or scored cards

We stock various sizes of cut cards for cover weights. With the 118# cover, we also stock pre-scored cards, ready to print and fold. Stocked sizes include F8A, F8, A7A, A7, A6, A2, and A1. Consult our Stock List for more information on dismensions.


Boxes of envelopes

We stock all three Flurry Cotton colors in 13 different sizes of envelopes. We also have two styles of flaps, square (announcement) or pointed (baronial) in various sizes. Envelopes are converted out of 80# Text 100% cotton paper, and have an additive that assists xerographic (toner-based) printing. The smooth cotton surface also accepts calligraphy well. Stocked sizes include F8A, F8, A7A, A7, A6, A2, A1, #17, SQ7, SQ6.75, SQ6.5, SQ5, and #10. Consult our Stock List for more information on dimensions.


Letterpress Printing

Flurry Cotton is first and foremost a letterpress paper. The cover weights, at 20pt and 40pt thick, are designed to showcase a crisp letterpress impression. Flurry Cotton runs well on platen presses and cylinder presses. All papers have an even formation and sizing to accept letterpress inks evenly, producing better ink coverage than other cotton papers.

Letterpress Printing on Flurry Cotton

Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping can work well on Flurry stock, provided you work with your foil vendor to test releases. Medium-heavy release foils tend to work well. We recommend Infinity MH release, but other manufacturers can also recommend releases that will also work with the cotton surface of Flurry Cotton. Hard packing is also recommended, to minimize bruising.

Foil Stamping on Flurry Cotton

Digital Printing

118# cover sheets are primed for HP Indigo printing, and have unparalleled performance for digital printing on cotton. Text weight sheets are formulated to accept xerographic toner. The digital formulation for the papers do not adversely affect performance of other print methods.

Digital Printing on Flurry Cotton

Other Printing and Finishing

Flurry Cotton also performs well for other common printing methods and finishing techniques:

  • Engraving
  • Embossing
  • Offset printing
  • Diecutting
  • Scoring and folding

The even formation minimizes cracking and bruising often seen in other cotton papers.

Scoring on Flurry Cotton

Embossing on Flurry Cotton


  • Printing on Flurry Paper is a dream. It holds a really lovely impression and takes ink smoothly (even for larger floods of color). It’s textured and cottony but still easy to write on. We especially love that it’s offered in such an assortment of sizes, including scored cards. And, as always, Boxcar’s customer service is top notch.

    Allison Nadeau, Ink Meets Paper
  • I was so excited to hear that there was going to be a letterpress paper made by printers, for printers. And Flurry has delivered! It’s lovely, versatile, soft, easy to store (because of the smaller sheet sizes), economically priced, and has all the matching envelopes in all the sizes my clients could ever want. It’s become my house sheet, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

    Kseniya Thomas, Thomas-Printers
  • We love Flurry! It has become our one-and-only stock for greeting cards and art prints, as well as becoming our house stock for all of our letterpress wedding invitations. The stock is lovely, smooth but with just the right amount of texture and takes a letterpress impression beautifully.

    Jess Bennett, Letterpress Jess
  • We’ve been using Flurry since it has been available. It’s weight and smooth cotton texture prints exceptional. It is a little more stiff than other cotton papers, which we love, but still luscious and shows the letterpress impression crisp and sweet.

    Kathryn Harper, Blackbird Letterpress
  • I have exclusively been using Flurry paper for my letterpress business since Fall 2018. I was so happy to find such a beautiful paper at a great price. The color, weight, and texture of the paper is perfect for letterpress. Love this paper!

    Natalie Monday, Monday Morning Press
  • I use Flurry 236# stock for all of my letterpress projects requiring 2-ply paper. I love the great quality, and really appreciate the option of ordering custom cut sizes. Sometimes on a big order half of my production time is spent trimming down stock, so saving this time means I can start printing as soon as I receive my paper shipment. Another major perk of ordering Flurry is Boxcar’s excellent customer service. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2004, and their friendly, helpful and efficient service has always been a constant.

    Rebecca Kutys, Moontree Letterpress


Flurry is made for and sold exclusively by Boxcar Press. Boxcar Press has specialized in supplies for letterpress printing since 1998.

Please let us know if you have any questions or custom needs for Flurry Cotton. We will make every effort to meet your paper needs. We are printers and we understand the need to find the perfect paper. We will work to make Flurry Cotton perfect for you.